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2019-20 Girls All-Star teams

The All-Star teams are broken down by classifications (AA, A, B, C, & D) for this year’s players.  After covering a bunch of full games this season, and watching countless hours of film, I’ve seen many of the players listed below. For the player’s that I haven’t watched in person I’ve relied on contacts in Section 2, other online content/stats/reports, game film, and custom player rankings that I’ve created.

What I’ve tried to do for the custom computer-generated player rankings is create something that will take into account a player’s scoring, her team’s overall performance, and factor in the percentage of her points versus her team’s total point total. Point statistics were used from to compile those numbers. With limited other stats available online (rebounds, steals, assists, etc.) I feel this is the best way to construct the rankings as it factors in overall team performance too.

Past computer player rankings, created for Section 2, have been in line with the top players in the Section as well as players that have moved on to play at the next level. In other words, I trust them as an independent opinion differing from my eyes and other research. All 3 sets of rankings (eyes, computer rankings, and research) are factored in when creating the teams below.

(Players that scored around 10% or more of their team’s total points were ranked and considered for the teams. Over 350+ players fit the criteria. I also know that I’ve left off really good players. I’ve done the best I could when comparing a player’s impact on their team and factoring in their overall team strength.)

Players are listed in alphabetical order by their team.

Players of the Year

Dolly Cairns

Saratoga Springs High School & Rhode Island Basketball commit.

(Picture from Dolly Carins twitter account)


All Star Teams

Class AA
Player 1st Team Class
Ahniysha Jackson Albany AA
Valencia Fontenelle-Posson Guilderland AA
Olivia Olsen Niskayuna AA
Dolly Cairns Saratoga AA
Meghan Huerter Shenendehowa AA
Player 2nd Team Class
Sareena DiCerbo Colonie AA
Natasha Chudy Saratoga AA
Maddisyn Mahoney Shaker AA
Rylee Carpenter Shenendehowa AA
Simone Walker Shenendehowa AA
Player 3rd Team Class
Maren Louridas Bethlehem AA
Lauren Patnode Saratoga AA
Abby Ray Saratoga AA
Jules DeBeatham Shaker AA
Kaitlyn Watrobski Shenendehowa AA
Player 4th Team Class
Julia Harvey Bethlehem AA
Emma Souky Niskayuna AA
Natalie Prian Niskayuna AA
Bella Stuart Shenendehowa AA
Jillian Huerter Shenendehowa AA
Player 5th Team Class
Macie Trimarchi Colonie AA
Makayla Blake Colonie AA
Ahnalese Pearson Colonie AA
Heather Schmidt Niskayuna AA
Kaelah Carter Shaker AA
Player 6th Team Class
Caroline Wise Bethlehem AA
Sarah Mattfeld Catholic Cent. AA
Lauren Filien Columbia AA
Ivian Owens Niskayuna AA
Talia Washington Schenectady AA
Player 7th Team Class
Yvonne Boyd Albany AA
Angelena Giuliano Catholic Cent. AA
Leah Phillips Columbia AA
Sole Carrington Shaker AA
K.J. Gordon Shaker AA
Player Honorable Mention Class
Lanahria Whitaker Albany AA
Nevaeh House Albany AA
Nya Edmonds Albany AA
Samantha DeVito Ballston Spa AA
Emily Robbie Ballston Spa AA
Madysen Thomas Ballston Spa AA
Callie LaGoy Ballston Spa AA
Abby Teitsch Ballston Spa AA
Jesmain Ballston Spa AA
Ellie Cerf Bethlehem AA
Brenna Graber Catholic Cent. AA
Jayla Tyler Colonie AA
Isabella Franchi Colonie AA
Sophie Bissailon Columbia AA
Hannah Scarano Columbia AA
Renaya Kelly Columbia AA
Bella Gitto Guilderland AA
Graycen Dubin Guilderland AA
Shiya Hunter Schenectady AA
Janessa Jones Schenectady AA
Shylah Bigelow-Smith Schenectady AA
Class A
Player 1st Team Class
Kelsey Wood Averill Park A
Amelia Wood Averill Park A
Grace Field Holy Names A
Hailey Ballard Queensbury A
Jenalyse Alarcon Troy A
Player 2nd Team Class
Andie Gannon Amsterdam A
Antonia May Amsterdam A
Anna Jankovic Averill Park A
Brinley Inglee Hudson Falls A
Hope Sullivan Queensbury A
Player 3rd Team Class
Jackie Stanavich Amsterdam A
Emma Shields Emma Willard A
Breanna Lott Mohonasen A
Sydney Hart South Glens Falls A
Alaina Holmes Troy A
Player 4th Team Class
Michelina Lombardi Averill Park A
Callie Chevalier Burnt Hills A
Carlie Rzeszotarski Burnt Hills A
Abby Doin Queensbury A
Meghan O’Connor Queensbury A
Player 5th Team Class
Sydney Hoefs Amsterdam A
Molly Zahnleuter Emma Willard A
Hannah Breen South Glens Falls A
Jakaiya Dewer Troy A
Nadia Brown Troy A
Player 6th Team Class
Jamira Galloway Albany Leadership A
Cassandra Paul Holy Names A
Autumn Anderson Lansingburgh A
Cassidy Ray Queensbury A
Jazmyne Corker Scotia A
Player 7th Team Class
Grace O’Connor Burnt Hills A
Carly Szcezpantak Burnt Hills A
Lauren Ladopoulos Holy Names A
Hailey Reyes Holy Names A
Mikayla Varney Hudson Falls A
Player Honorable Mention Class
R. Abdunafi Albany Leadership A
Jones Albany Leadership A
Izzy Adams Burnt Hills A
Ashley Shields Emma Willard A
Mia Farley Holy Names A
Samantha Paul Holy Names A
Madison Phillips Hudson Falls A
Tyina Thomas Lansingburgh A
Jada Rondon Lansingburgh A
Maya Rhoden Lansingburgh A
Paulina Siritori Lansingburgh A
Karlie Genevie Lansingburgh A
Ava Fasolino Mohonasen A
Jahddah Lennon Mohonasen A
Isabella Petrocci Mohonasen A
Megan Hart Mohonasen A
Megan Charnews Scotia A
Olivia Geniti Scotia A
Morgan Nichter Scotia A
Zoe Lanfear South Glens Falls A
Courtney Roberge South Glens Falls A
Hailey Breen South Glens Falls A
Class B
Player 1st Team Class
Molly Brophy Greenwich B
Logan Thayne Hoosick Falls B
Charli Goverski Mechanicville B
Avery Mills Mekeel C.A. B
Payton Graber Schalmont B
Player 2nd Team Class
Janay Brantley Catskill B
Abigail Lombardoni Fonda B
Madison Graham ICC B
Anna Lee Johnstown B
Mikyla Mitchell Mekeel C.A. B
Player 3rd Team Class
Arianna Myers Cairo-Durham B
Sabrina Pressley Cobleskill B
Jessica Meade Cobleskill B
Lauren Sanderson Ravena B
Karissa Antoine Schalmont B
Player 4th Team Class
Daja Beaufort Hudson B
Amy DiSiena Mechanicville B
Hannah VanDerzee Ravena B
Haley Burchhardt Schalmont B
Syrita Faraj Tamarac B
Player 5th Team Class
Aaliyah Juste Albany Academy B
Makenzie Smith Broadalbin-Perth B
Jaden Willson Johnstown B
AJ-Analda Joseph Mechanicville B
Jillian Ballard Mekeel C.A. B
Player 6th Team Class
Olivia Huneau Cohoes B
Kayla Smith Fonda B
Lexi Cutten Glens Falls B
Adrianna Rojas Greenwich B
Chloe Goverski Mechanicville B
Player 7th Team Class
Emma Osterhoudt Cobleskill B
Carly Atty Fonda B
Abby Vandewalker Johnstown B
Jada Brown Mechanicville B
Maraya Davis Mekeel C.A. B
Player Honorable Mention Class
Meleena Ottati Albany Academy B
Erin Huban Albany Academy B
Marlee Ottati Albany Academy B
Caroline Burke Albany Academy B
Imperess McDowell Bishop Maginn B
Anderson Bishop Maginn B
Sarah Lukes Bishop Maginn B
Sturges Bishop Maginn B
Saiomi Willingham Bishop Maginn B
Emma Goebel Broadalbin-Perth B
Caroline Iannotti Broadalbin-Perth B
Lauralie Grainer Broadalbin-Perth B
Anna James Cairo-Durham B
McKayla Mudge Cairo-Durham B
Imani Walcott Cairo-Durham B
Hannah Konsul Catskill B
Aizlyn O’Connell Catskill B
Sara Leipman Catskill B
Kiana Salierno Catskill B
Eleesia Comino Cobleskill B
Madison Huneau Cohoes B
Quincy Hytko Cohoes B
Shauna Ferris Cohoes B
Maggie Saunders Cohoes B
Alexa Abbatantuono Corinth B
Maddie DeLisle Corinth B
Alex Carey Corinth B
Emily Dingman Corinth B
Miranda Dockum Corinth B
Anika Parnell Corinth B
Lyndsay Lombardoni Fonda B
Marilyn Whitcavitch Fonda B
Avery Cusack Fonda B
Ashley Bordeaux Glens Falls B
Haylee Girard Glens Falls B
Avery Hill Glens Falls B
Natalie Krasney Greenville B
Isabella Trostle Greenville B
Emily Duncan Greenville B
Lauren Rauf Greenville B
Caitlyn Silk Greenville B
Tess Merrill Greenwich B
Nora Niesz Greenwich B
Madeline Walker Hoosick Falls B
Marley McLellan Hoosick Falls B
Amber MacNeil Hoosick Falls B
Katie Jepsen Hudson B
Shayna Coopersmith Hudson B
Abby Jepsen Hudson B
Ashley Ames ICC B
Abigail Dolge ICC B
Delaney More ICC B
Malati Culver ICC B
Kanako Sasaki Johnstown B
Grace Engel Ravena B
Sara Hotaling Ravena B
Chesnie Waddingham Ravena B
Emily Lenehan Schalmont B
Macey Koval Schuylerville B
Eliza Barton Schuylerville B
Lauren King Schuylerville B
Molly Vianese Schuylerville B
Anya Vautrin Schuylerville B
Amanda Pflieger Schuylerville B
Marleah Perry Taconic Hills B
Kiersten Shumsky Taconic Hills B
Emily Mottoshiski Taconic Hills B
Macayla Sparacino Taconic Hills B
Marissa Kernan Taconic Hills B
Jordyn Sorel Tamarac B
Kate Machnick Tamarac B
Gabby Cellucci Tamarac B
Amia Maldonado Watervliet B
Leemya Garcia Watervliet B
Morgan Tambolleo Watervliet B
Brianna Joyner Watervliet B
Raynelle Davis Watervliet B
Class C
Player 1st Team Class
Alexis Wright Berne-Knox C
Sophie Phillips Cambridge C
Lilly Phillips Cambridge C
Madison Meyer Duanesburg C
Natasha Strock Maple Hill C
Player 2nd Team Class
Fiona Mooney Cambridge C
Allison O’Hanlon Duanesburg C
Sami Dickinson Hoosic Valley C
Marley Mueller Stillwater C
Abigail Ranous Warrensburg C
Player 3rd Team Class
Taylor Meacham Berne-Knox C
Stasia Epler Cambridge C
Sophia Chevrier Maple Hill C
Mechalle Cancer Rensselaer C
Hope Boland Warrensburg C
Player 4th Team Class
Sam Lanoue Hoosic Valley C
Ava Pushor Lake George C
Lindsey Hampton Mayfield C
Kelsey Meca Mayfield C
Aubrey Ranous Warrensburg C
Player 5th Team Class
McKayla McLenithan Cambridge C
Ruth Nolan Cambridge C
Jenna Hoffman Maple Hill C
Hannah Cater Schoharie C
Molly Sheehan Stillwater C
Player 6th Team Class
Aaliyah Stalker Berlin-New Lebanon C
Hannah Taylor Chatham C
Ashlyn Chartier Hoosic Valley C
Paige Bleau Maple Hill C
Karysn Berger Maple Hill C
Player 7th Team Class
Hannah Mulhern Duanesburg C
Alex Moses Duanesburg C
Mikayla Duffy Lake George C
Cloey Dopp Mayfield C
Mikayah Rushinski Salem C
Player Honorable Mention Class
Emily Schafer Berlin-New Lebanon C
Brianna Shuhart Berlin-New Lebanon C
Grace Tymchyn Berne-Knox C
Reagan Smith Berne-Knox C
Monica Hartlieb Canajoharie C
Rickard Canajoharie C
Clark Canajoharie C
Victoria Adams Canajoharie C
Hailey Cascioli Chatham C
Naveah Daigle Chatham C
Paige Eaton Chatham C
Olivia Ruth Duanesburg C
Sarah Florian Fort Plain C
Erin Crouse Fort Plain C
Sarah Vanasse Fort Plain C
Tiffany Hazzard Fort Plain C
Ryan Ripepi Galway C
Julia Reedy Galway C
Morgan Drouin Galway C
Rachel Wnuk Galway C
Emma Spadaro Galway C
Madison Despres Galway C
Isabella Mancini Galway C
Bailey Phillips Granville C
Haley Corlew Granville C
Aspen Williams Granville C
Lexyss Zovistoski Granville C
Kayla Kenny Hadley-Luzerne C
Madison Lent Hadley-Luzerne C
Elaina Diamond Hadley-Luzerne C
Jordana Kenny Hadley-Luzerne C
Serena Goman Hadley-Luzerne C
Anna Jensen Hoosic Valley C
Emaleigh Peckham Hoosic Valley C
Mara Knoop Lake George C
Callie Haller Maple Hill C
Brianna Hubiak Mayfield C
Hallie Gasner Middleburgh C
Alyssa Wayman Middleburgh C
Gianna Bynum Middleburgh C
Morgan Schafroth Middleburgh C
Jasmine Allert Rensselaer C
Mackenzie Brown Rensselaer C
Arianna Vogel Rensselaer C
Jordan VanWie Rensselaer C
Mackenzie Spencer Salem C
Blake Riche Salem C
Amber Terry Salem C
Brianna Boyark Salem C
Alyssa Vangasbeck Schoharie C
Julie Lehoe Schoharie C
Haley Drinon Schoharie C
Brooke Pickett Stillwater C
Lily Zanello Voorheesville C
Jenny Bogart Voorheesville C
Cece Whalen Voorheesville C
Marissa Gifford Voorheesville C
Renee Bogdany Voorheesville C
Caroline Hunt Voorheesville C
Megan Romansky Voorheesville C
Sara Langworthy Warrensburg C
Tenisha Tyrell Warrensburg C
Olivia Frazier Warrensburg C
Class D
Player 1st Team Class
Shelby Caprood Argyle D
Gabby Thomas Fort Edward D
Riley Gibbons Germantown D
Karlee Nims Hartford D
Zoe Eggleston Whitehall D
Player 2nd Team Class
Sophia Bologna Doane Stuart D
Hailey Condon Fort Edward D
Merril Lewis Hawthorne Valley D
Jordan Ries Heatly D
Skyler Househoulder Loudonville Christian D
Player 3rd Team Class
Gabrielle McFarren Hartford D
Saige Randolph NDBG D
Ayanna Jackson NDBG D
Kerrigan Groff Northville D
Kyrie Smith Whitehall D
Player 4th Team Class
Sarah Paige Fort Ann D
Jennifer Mentzer Hawthorne Valley D
Nicole Buckman North Warren D
Brytney Moore Northville D
Ashley Upson Saratoga Central Catholic D
Player 5th Team Class
Caitlyn Mahoney Fort Edward D
Megan Dunn Germantown D
Abigail Monroe Hartford D
Kierra Hope Heatly D
Morgan Mackey Northville D
Player 6th Team Class
Lillianna Kingsley Argyle D
Morgan Fish Fort Edward D
Kierlan Denninger Germantown D
Meaghan Kienzle NDBG D
Kaitlin Kramar North Warren D
Player Honorable Mention Class
Paige Cormie Argyle D
Bryanne Mattison Argyle D
Kylee Humiston Argyle D
Erica Liddle Argyle D
Katrina Catellier Doane Stuart D
Faith Lehoisky Fort Ann D
Aratare Fort Ann D
Mary Hernandez Fort Ann D
Gabriella Kholstinin Fort Edward D
Kaycee Hayes Germantown D
Jen Ljutich Germantown D
Izzy French Hartford D
Majel Udjate Hawthorne Valley D
Ayaka Suesada Hawthorne Valley D
Olivia Diaz Heatly D
Madilyn Zakrzewski Heatly D
Karleigh Seeloff Heatly D
Victoria Ralston Loudonville Christian D
Maggie Temple Loudonville Christian D
Abbey Woods Loudonville Christian D
Ryenne Relyea NDBG D
Ava Megyeri NDBG D
Jodi Bartlett North Warren D
Lauren Monroe North Warren D
Grace Forsey Northville D
Madelyn Buche Northville D
Jaycee Frasier Northville D
Rebecca Trumble OESJ D
Ashlee Shelmandine OESJ D
Shian Harman OESJ D
A. Klock OESJ D
A. Eggleston OESJ D
Dempsey Saratoga Central Catholic D
Lauren Maher Saratoga Central Catholic D
Molly O’Reilly Saratoga Central Catholic D
Katie Cronin Saratoga Central Catholic D
Madi Gould Whitehall D




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