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Section 2 players in their own words

Austin Decker, Maple Hill High School

(Photo from www.518sports)

Name: Austin Decker
School: Maple Hill High School
Year in School: Senior
Height: 5’10
Position: PG/SG
Current season stats or team record: Avg 18, 8-4 league
Other sports you play in High School: Soccer
What are your plans after High School? Go to college
Do you plan on playing sports in college? If yes, which sport and have you committed yet to a school? College basketball
What are your strengths as a player? Shooting and dribbling
What skills do you need to improve on as a player? Defense
What improvements have you made recently in practice/training? Free throws and defense
Favorite food: Steak and wings
What are your favorite movies or books? More Than a Game and Fast and The Furious
Who is your favorite athlete (Any sport)? Lebron James
Favorite NCAA, NBA or WNBA team: Cleveland Cavaliers
If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be? Jennifer Lopez


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