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Section 2 players in their own words

Austin Valliere, Ichabod Crane

Name: Austin Valliere
School: Ichabod Crane
Year in School: Senior
Height: 5’10
Position: Guard
Current season stats or team record: 11.5 PPG/ 13-3 overall
Summer basketball team: Team 518
Favorite class in school other than lunch or gym? Psychology
What are your plans after High School? Go to college
Do you plan on playing sports in college? If yes, which sport and have you committed yet to a school? Unsure
What are your strengths as a player? Quickness, shooting
What skills do you need to improve on as a player? Ball handling
Favorite moment on the court: Beating Hudson
Toughest moment on the court: Losing in sectionals
Name a couple of people that have been role models over the years and what have you learned from them? Assistant Coach Chris Muller has been a role model to me because he has always pushed me to work hard and constantly helps me improve my game.
What words of advice or encouragement would you share with younger athletes? If you want it, go get it
What is your favorite team activity, pregame or postgame,that you share with your teammates? Pre-game skittles
Favorite song/artist: Drake
Favorite NCAA, NBA or WNBA team: Texas Longhorns, Boston Celtics


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