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Section 2 players in their own words

Jared D’Aloia, Stillwater

Name: Jared D’Aloia
School: Stillwater
Year in School: Senior
Height: 5’10
Position: G
Current season stats or team record: 9-2 in league, 12-3 overall
Basketball Awards or Achievements: 1st Team All League 2016
Honorable Mention All League 2015
Other sports you play in High School: Baseball
Favorite moment from non-basketball sport: Saratoga American Little League, went to the State Championship in Staten Island.
Favorite class in school other than lunch or gym? Technology
What are your plans after High School? Go to college to study Criminal Justice and Play Basketball
Do you plan on playing sports in college? If yes, which sport and have you committed yet to a school? Yes, I plan on playing basketball. I have not committed to a college yet.
What are your strengths as a player? Basketball IQ
What skills do you need to improve on as a player? Shot Selection
What improvements have you made recently in practice/training? Ball handling
Favorite moment on the court: Beating Mechanicville
Toughest moment on the court: Losing to Mechanicville
What have you learned about team work? You need teamwork to be successful in everything you do.
Name a couple of people that have been role models over the years and what have you learned from them? David Alston and Brett Smith, former Stillwater basketball stars. I’ve learned that you need to work hard to achieve your goals.
What words of advice or encouragement would you share with younger athletes? Work hard and make sure you have fun.
What team do you want to beat to win the Sectional Final or other tournaments this year? Everyone
What are your interests outside of sports? Hanging out with my friends and family
Favorite local restaurant? Peabody’s in Saratoga Springs
Favorite song/artist: Kanye West
What are your favorite movies or books? Space Jam
Who is your favorite athlete (Any sport)? Kobe Bryant
Favorite NCAA, NBA or WNBA team: Syracuse and LA Lakers
If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be? Michael Jordan and Will Ferrell
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