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2019-20 Boys All-Star teams

The All-Star teams are broken down by classifications (AA, A, B, C, & D) for this year’s players.  After covering a bunch of full games this season, and watching countless hours of film, I’ve seen many of the players listed below. For the player’s that I haven’t watched in person I’ve relied on contacts in Section 2, other online content/stats/reports, game film, and custom player rankings that I’ve created.

What I’ve tried to do for the custom computer-generated player rankings is create something that will take into account a player’s scoring, his team’s overall performance, and factor in the percentage of his points versus his team’s total point total. Point statistics were used from to compile those numbers. With limited other stats available online (rebounds, steals, assists, etc.) I feel this is the best way to construct the rankings as it factors in overall team performance too.

Past computer player rankings, created for Section 2, have been in line with the top players in the Section as well as players that have moved on to play at the next level. In other words, I trust them as an independent opinion differing from my eyes and other research.

All 3 sets of rankings (eyes, computer rankings, and research) are factored in when creating the teams below.

(Players that scored around 10% or more of their team’s total points were ranked and considered for the teams. Over 350+ players fit the criteria. I also know that I’ve left off really good players. I’ve done the best I could when comparing a player’s impact on their team and factoring in their overall team strength.)

Players are listed in alphabetical order by their team.

Player of the Year

Alex Barnhill, Mekeel Christian


All Star Teams

Class AA
Player 1st Team Class
Keegan Zoller Ballston Spa AA
Marcus Shelton Colonie AA
Justin Owens Green Tech AA
Sean St. Lucia Niskayuna AA
Jake Reinisch Shenendehowa AA
Player 2nd Team Class
Hagen Foley CBA AA
Frank Rainville Columbia AA
Kemore Johnson Green Tech AA
Ethan St. Lucia Niskayuna AA
Aidan Holmes Saratoga AA
Player 3rd Team Class
Joshua Rodriguez Green Tech AA
Mazziah Thorpe Green Tech AA
Ryan Teaney Guilderland AA
Michael Rogan Saratoga AA
Andrew Martin Shenendehowa AA
Player 4th Team Class
Marko Gibbons Bethlehem AA
Joey Alamprese Columbia AA
Bo Catherwood La Salle AA
Kareem Sanders Schenectady AA
Devin Dzikas Shenendehowa AA
Player 5th Team Class
Will Davis Bethlehem AA
Vincent Tirino CBA AA
Brendan Coyle Colonie AA
Gabe Lucarelli La Salle AA
Lucas Seyoum Shenendehowa AA
Player 6th Team Class
Kevin Seel II Albany AA
Demani Benjamin Green Tech AA
Billy Lia Guilderland AA
Gabe Eldaye Niskayuna AA
Josh Winfield Schenectady AA
Player 7th Team Class
Isaiah Austin Albany AA
Victor Pharr Colonie AA
Jimyh Evans La Salle AA
Kaylon Dickson La Salle AA
Jorr Norgaisse Shaker AA
Player Honorable Mention Class
Rasier Chandler Albany AA
JaNique Addison Albany AA
Shamar Mercharles Albany AA
Jason Faizy Ballston Spa AA
Kyle Blair Ballston Spa AA
Orlando DiBacco Bethlehem AA
Kendrick McCann Bethlehem AA
Eric Signor Bethlehem AA
Zach Zonca Bethlehem AA
Dan Kelly CBA AA
Malachi Pelissier CBA AA
Ashon Wright Colonie AA
Logan Scott Colonie AA
Timothy Strevell Columbia AA
Noah Monpoeho Columbia AA
Dayshaun Walton Green Tech AA
Joshua Hyman Green Tech AA
Dylan Gizzi Guilderland AA
Drasean Wallace La Salle AA
Owen Kane La Salle AA
Kenyon Coleman Niskayuna AA
Darian Parker Niskayuna AA
Luke Britton Saratoga AA
Chris Dufort Saratoga AA
Bryce Emery Saratoga AA
Elijah Johnsen Schenectady AA
Trey Mariano Shaker AA
Joey Mirabile Shaker AA
Luke Lavery Shenendehowa AA
Class A
Player 1st Team Class
Dante Bouchard Gloversville A
Joseph Rowback Gloversville A
Isaiah Knight Lansingburgh A
Alex Barnhill Mekeel C.A. A
Ozzy DeJesus Mekeel C.A. A
Player 2nd Team Class
Matt Lettko Averill Park A
Johnathan Beagle Hudson Falls A
Jonan White Mekeel C.A. A
Shawn Gillisslee Mohonasen A
Marquis Hamby Troy A
Player 3rd Team Class
Ben Romer Averill Park A
Jackson Brown Catholic Cent. A
Vinny Tario Lansingburgh A
Ricky Rollins Mekeel C.A. A
Bryce Bleibtrey Queensbury A
Player 4th Team Class
Yandeel Vazquez Amsterdam A
Aidan Giaquinto Burnt Hills A
K.J. Allison Lansingburgh A
Alexander Gannon Mohonasen A
Matthew Conlon Queensbury A
Player 5th Team Class
Michael Re Averill Park A
Jack Hogan Hudson Falls A
Kobi Wallace Lansingburgh A
Alex Wolfe Troy A
Makai Cruel Troy A
Player 6th Team Class
Vinny Carucci Averill Park A
Riley Maddison Hudson Falls A
Sean Collins Queensbury A
Cam Woodard South Glens Falls A
Jadon Cummings Troy A
Player 7th Team Class
Caydren Graveley Amsterdam A
Jack Long Averill Park A
Nathan Johnson Queensbury A
Nathaniel Wylie Scotia A
Jon Maniacek South Glens Falls A
Player Honorable Mention Class
Damion Colon Amsterdam A
Kevin Perez Amsterdam A
Peyton Ausfeld Amsterdam A
Douglas Amsterdam A
Alex Jameson Burnt Hills A
Liam Blesi Burnt Hills A
Ashton Thomas Burnt Hills A
Jordan Bocketti Burnt Hills A
Jack Mattfeld Catholic Cent. A
Daniel Callaghan Catholic Cent. A
Pat Clinton Catholic Cent. A
Derek Anderson Catholic Cent. A
Kadyn Ruggeri Gloversville A
Ben Swartz Hudson Falls A
Peyton Smith Hudson Falls A
Scott Teta Lansingburgh A
Quashawn McFarlane Lansingburgh A
Drew Coelho Mohonasen A
Robert Berrera Scotia A
Antonio Cianfarani Scotia A
Griffin Fraterrigo Scotia A
David Frisoni Scotia A
Cam Darrow South Glens Falls A
Jake Aday South Glens Falls A
Shamdo Caldwell Troy A
Nasir Dawud-Soto Troy A
Class B
Player 1st Team Class
Lavon Fernandez Catskill B
Royal Brown Cohoes B
Jon Kempf Hoosick Falls B
Shane O’Dell Schalmont B
J.J. Chestnut Watervliet B
Player 2nd Team Class
Ja’Nyve Smith Bishop Maginn B
Devon Haye Catskill B
Jackson Atty Fonda B
Dayquan Griffin Hudson B
C.J. Bianchino Ravena B
Player 3rd Team Class
Dante Calderone Broadalbin-Perth B
Tristan Williams Hoosick Falls B
Josh Germain Mechanicville B
Noah Foster NDBG B
Rodney Parker NDBG B
Player 4th Team Class
Jackson Sassanella Broadalbin-Perth B
Nick Danahy Glens Falls B
Noah Girard Glens Falls B
Damien Fiducia Greenville B
Jesse Kuzmich Greenwich B
Player 5th Team Class
Jadon Wert Broadalbin-Perth B
Leviticus Johnson Catskill B
Zach Kennedy ICC B
Nacier Hundley NDBG B
Jake Sanford Schalmont B
Player 6th Team Class
David Barclay Glens Falls B
Devin Garland Mechanicville B
Todd Williamson NDBG B
Trent Randle Schalmont B
Cayden Rutland Schuylerville B
Player 7th Team Class
Griffen Woodell Glens Falls B
Tyler Dion Mechanicville B
Anthony Attala Mechanicville B
Owen Sherman Schuylerville B
Jadon Dickson Watervliet B
Player 8th Team Class
Josh Kiefer Coxsackie-Athens B
Zach Barrett Glens Falls B
Max Kipp Hoosick Falls B
Noah Hedgepeth Hudson B
Brett Richards ICC B
Player Honorable Mention Class
Massiah Galloway Bishop Maginn B
Jayden Williams Bishop Maginn B
Shawn Martinez Bishop Maginn B
Q. Green Bishop Maginn B
Ethan Handel Cairo-Durham B
Ethan Phillips Cairo-Durham B
Dylan Morgan Cairo-Durham B
Jonathan Doble Cairo-Durham B
Landen Moore Cobleskill B
Alec VanDerwerken Cobleskill B
Jack Pryor Cobleskill B
Becker Cobleskill B
Troy Snyder Cohoes B
Ivan Brajac Cohoes B
Jonathan LaSure Cohoes B
Isaac Melville Corinth B
Dillon Dumas Corinth B
Gabe Allen Corinth B
Mason Walker Corinth B
Colin Watkins Corinth B
Connor Smith Corinth B
Kane Schrader Coxsackie-Athens B
Aiden Boehm Coxsackie-Athens B
Killian Schrader Coxsackie-Athens B
Andon Roe Coxsackie-Athens B
Colin Kowalski Fonda B
Andrew Georgia Fonda B
John Mancini Fonda B
Jake Shaw Fonda B
Evan Wiggins Glens Falls B
Joe Nicosia Greenville B
James Mitchell Greenville B
JJ O’Connor Greenville B
Ben Lewis Greenville B
Alex Curtis Greenwich B
Luke Pemrick Greenwich B
Christian O’Brien Greenwich B
Dmitri Rose Hoosick Falls B
Isiah Burnett Hoosick Falls B
Isaiah Maines Hudson B
Caleb Romano Hudson B
Neville Anderson Hudson B
Edward Ogden ICC B
Josh Hoyt Johnstown B
Abe Miller Johnstown B
Keegan Feinour Johnstown B
Noah Massey Johnstown B
Luci D’Ambro Mechanicville B
Jason Reif Ravena B
Dakhari Scheuerman Ravena B
Maurice Smith Ravena B
Tim Myers Ravena B
Matthew Carter Ravena B
Austin Redmond Schalmont B
Alex Vallee Schuylerville B
Ryan Dow Schuylerville B
Jacob Vanderhoof Schuylerville B
Kyle Delamater Taconic Hills B
Kobe Vanalstyne Taconic Hills B
Joel Preusser Taconic Hills B
B. Atwood Taconic Hills B
Ryan Nowack Taconic Hills B
Warren Bradway Taconic Hills B
Zachary Rice Tamarac B
Joey Poulin Tamarac B
Dalton Maxon Tamarac B
Patrick Mainello Tamarac B
Miles Ednie Tamarac B
Dom Rogalo Watervliet B
Marcel Robinson Watervliet B
Class C
Player 1st Team Class
Zeke Pulliam Berne-Knox C
Jarett Williams Granville C
Rian Jewett Maple Hill C
Zaveon Little Voorheesville C
T.J. Kelley Waterford C
Player 2nd Team Class
Troy Butler Fort Plain C
Danny McMahon Hadley-Luzerne C
Luke Pelchar Lake George C
Tanner Tedesco Voorheesville C
Michael Talavera Waterford C
Player 3rd Team Class
Josh Oakman Granville C
Ramell Johnson Rensselaer C
Samir Lockhart Rensselaer C
Shane Helmstadt Schoharie C
Brian McNeil Stillwater C
Player 4th Team Class
Mark Edwards Berne-Knox C
Derek Hyney Canajoharie C
Zachary Gamache Duanesburg C
Cameron Orr Lake George C
Jordan Catone Saratoga Central Catholic C
Player 5th Team Class
Robert Jordan Fort Plain C
CJ Bassett Hoosic Valley C
Blake Decker Maple Hill C
John Blackwood Schoharie C
Anthony Puma Voorheesville C
Player 6th Team Class
Levi Thomas Fort Plain C
Donald Harder Hadley-Luzerne C
Logan Reilly Hoosic Valley C
Cole Clarke Lake George C
Josh Luca Stillwater C
Player 7th Team Class
Brian Hall Cambridge C
Carson Scribner Galway C
Kyle Capparello Mayfield C
Hayden Day Saratoga Central Catholic C
CJ McNeil Stillwater C
Player 8th Team Class
Jakob Stahl Duanesburg C
Juan Garcia Lake George C
Andrew Johns Middleburgh C
Robert Bolen III Saratoga Central Catholic C
Ryan McCarroll Saratoga Central Catholic C
Player Honorable Mention Class
Shawn Pawlows Berlin-New Lebanon C
Malachi Ritter Berlin-New Lebanon C
Kasey Billert Berlin-New Lebanon C
Brandon Rifenburg Berlin-New Lebanon C
Roman Kane Berlin-New Lebanon C
Zach Brink Berne-Knox C
Ben Epler Cambridge C
Nick Murphy Cambridge C
Soyer Mattson Cambridge C
Jeffrey Burke Cambridge C
Marcus Johnson Canajoharie C
R. Tamsett Canajoharie C
Fairley Canajoharie C
S. Kwiatkowski Canajoharie C
JayShawn Williams Chatham C
Zach Gregg Chatham C
Quinten Kastner Chatham C
Matt Thorsen Chatham C
Andrew Drescher Duanesburg C
Matt Coons Duanesburg C
Bryce Burkhardt Duanesburg C
Ethan Schoch Fort Plain C
Ethan Reese Fort Plain C
Carter Scribner Galway C
Ryan Lovelass Galway C
Shader Bredan Galway C
Henry Flint Galway C
Josh Nelson Granville C
Jon Fraser Hadley-Luzerne C
Andrew Warner Hadley-Luzerne C
Tyler Eddy Hoosic Valley C
Julius Moffit Lake George C
Dominic Hirschoff Maple Hill C
Ben Marra Maple Hill C
Aidan Halloran Mayfield C
Britain Goodemote Mayfield C
Brendan Henry Middleburgh C
Cameron Kenney Middleburgh C
Jacob Wood Middleburgh C
Taylor Olsen Middleburgh C
Patrick Sullivan Rensselaer C
Amani Nixon Rensselaer C
Amaziah Wright Rensselaer C
Eli Truehart Salem C
Aden Terry Salem C
Ian Lockhart Salem C
Connor Chilson Salem C
B. Baylor Salem C
Phil Mazzucco Salem C
Anthony Barile Saratoga Central Catholic C
Quin Barton Schoharie C
Fletcher Griffin Schoharie C
Josh Scheuer Schoharie C
James Galarneau Stillwater C
Grant Baker Stillwater C
Dan Cunniffe Warrensburg C
Chippy Mason Warrensburg C
Steve Schloss Warrensburg C
Mike Tyrell Warrensburg C
Thomas O’Sullivan Warrensburg C
Jake Houle Waterford C
Evan Fairclough Waterford C
Class D
Player 1st Team Class
Peyton Lufkin Argyle D
Gavon Darfler Hartford D
Anthony Girard North Warren D
Tanner Dunkley North Warren D
Jason Ellsworth Northville D
Player 2nd Team Class
Dylan Frost Fort Ann D
Bryan Bathrick Germantown D
Robbie Eaton Germantown D
Patrick Manella Loudonville Christian D
Daniel VanNostrand Northville D
Player 3rd Team Class
Derek Liddle Argyle D
Nate Hopper North Warren D
Ryan Miller North Warren D
Wyatt Sira Northville D
Travis Lafountain OESJ D
Player 4th Team Class
Danny Bologna Doane Stuart D
Ty Loso Fort Ann D
Jace Anderson Germantown D
Brandon Harrington Hartford D
Jacob Frank Northville D
Player 5th Team Class
Hunter Ingram Argyle D
Brody Sullivan Fort Edward D
William Denton Fort Edward D
Quincy Bonneau OESJ D
Dwight Foulks Whitehall D
Player 6th Team Class
Tyler Humiston Argyle D
Jack Dornan Fort Ann D
Chayton Sagendorf Heatly D
Cameron Simon Loudonville Christian D
Mason Snell OESJ D
Player Honorable Mention Class
Koa Butler Doane Stuart D
Ben Dinwiddie Fort Ann D
Bryce Tyler Fort Edward D
Ashton Sullivan Fort Edward D
Dylan Mayr Germantown D
Aaron Mitchell Hartford D
Ray Harrington Hartford D
J.P. Lavin Hartford D
Ryan Sedgwick Heatly D
Jacob Sedgwick Heatly D
Aiden Diaz Heatly D
Marcus Delgado Heatly D
Elijah Woods Loudonville Christian D
Dillon Foland Loudonville Christian D
Matthew Myhre Loudonville Christian D
Nate Scott Loudonville Christian D
Owen Feagles OESJ D
Paetyn Logan-Dillenbeck OESJ D




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